Cetetherm service

Cetetherm is an international company with local presence, offering high-tech product expertise in heating and cooling systems for the district energy and collective boiler room markets.

The Cetetherm brand has been recognized for over 60 years. Originally from Sweden, the business expanded over the years into many international markets.

Today Cetetherm brings innovative product and application expertise to customers who are looking for energy efficiency and sustainability, from engineering up to after sales.

Production facilities in Sweden, France, Czech Republic, Finland, Russia and the USA.

Cetetherm always one step ahead: www.cetetherm.com

Application Cetetherm products

The Cetetherm district energy systems and tap water systems are for:

  • Any type of building: one-family and multi-family houses, apartment blocks, hotels, hospitals, public buildings, sport facilities, industries…. For new installation and renovations projects.
  • Any heating source: district and community heating networks, cooling circuits, heat pumps, local gas boilers and renewables.
  • Any capacity: 20 kW to 25 MW and even more (unlimited)


The Cetetherm products are offered in 3 types of solutions:

  1. Plug & Play solutions : ready to use standardized systems which can be ordered by article number with very short lead time
  2. Modular solutions: pre-configured systems enabling optimum flexibility and short lead times
  3. Tailor-made solutions : 100% customized systems following customer’s need and the requirements of the building

Since the separation of Cetetherm from the Alfa Laval umbrella, we have continued to support Cetetherm with the same dedication as Alfa Laval and have a mirrored agreement with them to supply a full range of HIU spares, as well as a full range of HVAC and packaged products from supply only, to installation only, or to both.

We again have a dedicated team to answer any technical queries, as well as a fully operational training facility on our own premises for HIU installation and fault finding of Cetetherm district heating products.

Cetetherm products

District heating substations

Applications from multi-family houses to an unlimited number of apartment blocks, commerical and industrial buildings. For new and renovation projects. Capacity: up to 25 MW.

Heat Interface Units

Applications include one-family houses up to 12 apartments. The HIU range can be connected to district heating network, community network or local heating source, with possibility to combine with renewables. Capacity: up to 60 kW.

Storage tanks

A large range of storage tanks from 150-4000 L to stock either domestic hot water on the secondary side or primary heated water on the primary side.

Tap Water Systems

An extensive range of safe and energy-efficient “plug & play” systems providing large quantities of domestic hot water. Cetetherm tap water systems need to be connected to a local heating source with possibility to combine with renewables.  Applications include collective buildings like apartment blocks, hospitals, hotels, sport centres, schools…

Aqua Compact

Domestic hot water system for collective applications – up to 230 kW

The most compact, pre-assembled and all-included domestic hot water system for semi-instantaneous use.

AquaCompact can be connected either to a district heating network or to a local heat source. The unit consists of:

  • A charging kit with or without 2-port or 3-port control valve
  • A Cetetherm AquaTank out of stainless steel (secondary storage tank), volumes 300-1500 L
  • A heat exchanger: gasketed plate-and-frame, copper-brazed or AlfaNova
    (100% stainless steel, fusion-bonded)
  • Optional: electronic or self-actuated control