Planned Preventive Maintenance

CEM offer a comprehensive and bespoke maintenance / PPM service tailored to your needs and requirements and within your budget.

We have a wealth of experience now trading past our 30th year with emphasis on training future employees to deliver the same standards as we have always delivered, thereby maintaining a standard of excellent quality throughout the duration of your contract.

We understand energy efficiency and are a leading force in energy management.  We achieve precise conversion of your fuel to energy maximising and optimising the performance of your energy source, thereby delivery of your heating and HWS in the most cost-effective manner.

Full PPM Contracts

Adhering to industry servicing standards, our gas, electrical , BMS controls & auxiliary engineers maintain your assets and log performance results in their reports.

Where the plant room has CHPs and standby generators, CEM will incorporate the maintenance of these units by the specialist manufacturers’ engineers.


For our contract sites, CEM offers a 24/7, 365 day a year callout service with a 4-hour attendance guarantee.

Dilapidation reports

When we take on a site, we produce a free dilapidation report covering all the issues we detect on site. In addition, we suggest a list of critical spares that are kept on site to facilitate more efficient resolution of breakdowns.

Remedial works

If there is asset failure or upgrades required, we will produce a quotation for the project before commencing work. If a major or total plant room refurbishment is required, we will pass the works onto our specialist project team.

Building management

Where the client prefers, CEM is happy to manage a range of sub contractors e.g. Air Conditioning, Water Treatment & Hygiene, Sewage Services etc. This would entail CEM becoming the Facilities Manager for the property.

Fuel/Energy management

With the objectives of assisting in the reduction of fossil fuel consumption, CEM will recommend solutions to achieve this. For example, the switch to condensing boilers, utilising PHEs, upgrade to more efficient pumps, better controls, high-level insulation etc.