Introducing the Alfa Laval AC900

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Introducing the Alfa Laval AC900. Senior Global Business Development Manager Alfons Roman Rathsack at Alfa Laval runs us through the details. The AC900 is: ⭐️ Next-generation ⭐️ Single-circuit ⭐️ Brazed plate heat exchanger ⭐️ Specially designed for low-density and low-GWP refrigerants. ⭐️ Perfect for today’s air conditioning and industrial heat pump applications. #singlecircuit #brazedplateheatexchanger

Heat exchangers crafted with precision and reliability

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As an Alfa Laval service partner we understand how to prolong longevity of heat exchangers. There is simply no substitute for Alfa laval orginal parts when performance and efficiency is concerned. Get in touch to speak direct with our service team and discuss how we can help you reach your targets. Your heat

The Alfa Laval Filter (ALF) is designed to maintain the thermal performance of plate heat exchangers

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Energy efficiency is in our DNA Up to 2.5% of the world’s CO2 emissions could be prevented if heat exchangers performed optimally. ALF is designed to maintain the thermal performance of plate heat exchangers and tubular condensers by making sure there is no debris or other undesirable materials in the secondary

Alfa Laval OmegaPort™ maximises heat exchanger efficiency

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One of the biggest challenges for all Plated Heat Exchangers is how to use all available pressure for optimum performance. Alfa Laval OmegaPort™ (non-circular portholes) provides greater room for flow and improved distribution. Pressure is money and with OmegaPort™, less is spent across the ports thus more is primarily used for efficient heat transfer.

Why install an interchanger?

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If you can protect your plant from scale, debris, air borne particles and corrosion, you will save with a greater return on #plantmaintenance and plant longevity. Open cooling towers accumulate minerals such as calcium carbonate and chloride ions which can be harmful to your downstream #coolingplant equipment. In the video below Ismail Uzman from

FlexFlow™ – Alfa Laval

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The FlexFlow™ plate design improves thermal efficiency and optimizes pressure drop utilization. The asymmetric channels eliminate the compromise between thermal efficiency and pressure drop for duties with different hydraulic loads on the two sides of the heat exchanger. The result is up to 30% higher efficiency along with reduced fouling, for long-term, cost-effective performance. Introduced

CurveFlow™ – Alfa Laval

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The CurveFlow™ distribution area optimizes the flow of media for better utilization of the whole plate surface. Improving the flow with more even distribution eliminates dead spots, providing higher thermal efficiency with reduced risk of fouling. This in turn means energy savings, lower maintenance costs and less time worrying about unplanned stops. Introduced by

PowerArc™ – Alfa Laval

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The PowerArc™ plate pattern divider is a feature in the bigger plates of Alfa Laval’s next-generation heat exchangers. This design ensures a more rigid plate, preventing plate elongation and securing perfect alignment. As a result, the risk for leaks or damage to the plate is significantly reduced, meaning you can expect longer operation from

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