Energy efficiency is in our DNA

Up to 2.5% of the world’s CO2 emissions could be prevented if heat exchangers performed optimally.

ALF is designed to maintain the thermal performance of plate heat exchangers and tubular condensers by making sure there is no debris or other undesirable materials in the secondary cooling systems. It works using highly effective automatic flushing set-up that can function automatically at predetermined intervals, or manually by pushing a button on the control panel.

The Alfa Laval Filter (ALF) constitutes of a range of automatically self-cleaning filters/strainers, used mainly to protect heat exchangers from clogging, fouling and corrosion in various industries where cooling systems use low-quality water. ALF removes debris and marine life, reducing the risk of unplanned downtime and prolonging heat exchanger service intervals.

Clogging, fouling, and short service intervals. Are these problems you’re experiencing? At Alfa Laval, we have the solution.

The Alfa Laval ALF filter is not like other filters. It is a compact self-cleaning filter, characterized by its effectiveness, fully automatic operation, low maintenance, and energy efficiency. With the #ALF you can use inexpensive secondary water in your cooling system without risking unnecessary downtime because of dirt or marine life.

• Petrochemical
• Data centers
• Marine
• Power generation
• Steel
• Energy and Utilities
• Food and Beverages
• Pulp and Paper
• Water and Waste treatment
• Mining, Minerals and Pigments

• Compact and robust design
• Proven and reliable technology
• Protection against clogging and fouling of downstream equipment
• Automatic backflush of filtered debris without interrupting the filtering process
• Easy installation and low maintenance
• High filtering capacity with low pressure drop
• Customizable product to meet customer needs
• High serviceability

Design and standard configuration
The ALF is designed to be placed directly in the pipe system in almost any position, horizontally or vertically. The filter can be regenerated at regular intervals without interrupting the filtering process. The regeneration process can be started either automatically or manually from a control panel, which can be installed close to the filter. The service opening is placed on the opposite side of the inlet, providing easy service access with no need to remove the filter from the pipe connection.

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