Meet CEM team lead by Roy, Ross, Rob and John. Now an Energy Hunter Partner and what a combination, as already a successful HVAC service partner of Alfa Laval.

Together we Energy Hunted at Bishopsgate building, tallest in London, introduced free cooling, and how to save on chiller running costs.

Great team, great company and we all went back to school, calculating savings.

Using a 2,000 Watt iron at home for 2 hrs at 0.288 Pounds/kWh is 1.2 Pounds on your electricity bill.

Similarly, a HVAC pump using 2,000 Watt more power, due to dirty GPHE, running 8,000 h/y is 4,600 pounds on building electricty bill.

Replace it with better technology T series, that stays clean longer and save.” – 


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