With an estimated 2.5% of global emissions coming from underperforming heat exchangers, we have made it our mission to make them perform better for longer. So, no matter what, we are here to provide local service and support: anytime, anywhere, for any brand.

The responsible and efficient way to keep your production on track.

With Alfa Laval’s new plate heat exchanger service, you can get instant and accurate information on the status of your heat exchanger. In other words, we can tell you exactly when your next maintenance is due and give you advice on how to improve performance. Our digital services are proven to boost energy savings!

When your maintenance is finally due, our state-of-the-art service center in Frechen, Germany is equipped with automated equipment that can service any brand in record time. In fact, this new service center is the largest and most environmentally friendly service centre for plate heat exchangers in the world. Plus, it is strategically placed in the center of Europe, making it easy to access for most countries.