CEM were awarded five new maintenance contracts from five different managing agents in November/December 2016 – Highstone Mansions (Maunder Taylor), Chamberlain Court (Haus), The Limes (Ringley), New Palace Place (Blenheims) and Grosvenor Court (Smith Waters).

Grosvenor Court (above) is located at 99 Sloane Street and is owned by Cadogan Estates. It is our second Smith Waters property, our other one is 30 Cadogan Square, has been on our books since 2001

The Limes (above) is in Ampthill, Milton Keynes and is managed by Ringley. The first project for this property – getting both in fault boilers up and running – was somewhat hampered by local construction site workers damaging a gas mains whilst we were waiting for spares. This left 6,000 properties in Ampthill without gas for 4 days during a particular cold snap.

Chamberlain Court (above) is in SE16 and is managed by Haus. This is our third property win from Haus this year – the other two resulted from change of managing agents where Haus retained CEM.

Highstone Mansions in Camden is our fifth property with Maunder Taylor.

New Palace Place in Monck Street, Westminster is the third win from Blenheims in 2016.