From late 2020 Haus Block Management awarded CEM two new PPM contracts bringing our total properties to 25. We also started the process of tendering for a major refurbishment in Greenwich for which we were successful.

Seren Park Gardens

This plant room refurbishment commences in September 2021 and we will produce a case history on completion. Haus had taken on the Greenwich property early in 2021 with 277 apartments. There was less than 50% of the boiler capacity available even though the property was only around 10 years old. Therefore, CEM installed temporary boilers in the car park whilst the pre-refurbishment process took place. The refurbishment will include replacing all four boilers.

One Stratford

This London E15 development overlooks the QE2 Olympic Park and has 299 apartments across four blocks. There is a 21-storey tower and 8, 9, 10-storey blocks completed in 2009.

The communal boiler plant room was in a very poor state when we took over as exampled by the picture below of the bank of twelve Hamworthy boilers.

Three boilers were completely missing, and three others were not in service. Working closely with the Haus property manager over 4 months, CEM replaced the three missing boilers, repaired three of the others and serviced the remainder. In addition, CEM undertook remedial works on some of the pumps and the pressurisation unit. The plant room did not have a BMS system, so we installed a simple Trend IQView4 to provide control of the boiler sequencing.

Hunts Wharf

In common with a few of the properties we maintain, Hunts Wharf overlooks the River Lea.

This E5 property is a mixture of residential and commercial. Haus and CEM had tendered in the middle of 2019, when the property was incomplete, and were unsuccessful. The original developer went bankrupt and the property was purchased by another developer and two years later the property was completed and Haus/CEM appointed.